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    Sanders Law Group (SLG), PLLC, is an elder law practice with dually licensed attorneys and medical providers whose combined experience transcends the common practice of law. SLG's professionals are dedicated to providing full service legal and personal business management services for the elderly. SLG specifically caters to the homebound elderly individual and other adults with disabilities.

    Located in Fort Worth, Texas, SLG's Partners and Of Counsel Attorneys provide legal services in Tarrant County, and the surrounding areas. We are now extending limited legal services to clients of Titus County, and the surrounding counties in East Texas.

    Our Attorneys will make house calls. We will consult with our clients at hospitals, independent living facilities, long term care, inpatient, hospice, or other care facilities.

    Please contact us to schedule a consultation. Ask about discounts for Mobile Legal Clinics in facilities where more than one client can be scheduled for same day appointments.

    Normal business is conducted Monday through Thursday, 9AM to 5PM CST. Fridays by appointment only.

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    Sanders Law Group, PLLC, has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has been an Accredited Business since January 2017.


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Dr. Mark A. Sanders, DO, JD, MS, MPH, LLM, FACOFP

Senior Partner of Sanders Law Group, PLLC

Attorney and Counselor at Law

   Dr. Mark Sanders is the Founder and Senior Partner of Sanders Law Group, PLLC, since 2015.

    Dr. Sanders is a Board Certified Family Physician with additional certifications in Geriatric Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Medicine, Legal Medicine and Public Health.

    Mark earned his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Texas Wesleyan Univeristy School of Law and his Master of Laws (LLM) degree in Elder Law from Stetson University College of Law.

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Lisa Ash, JD, RN

Managing Partner of Sanders Law Group, PLLC

Attorney and Counselor at Law

    Lisa Ash, JD, RN, joined as Managing Partner of Sanders Law Group, PLLC, in July of 2016.

    Lisa has 13 years experience as an elder law and guardianship attorney, in addition to 28 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in all levels of geriatric and adult health nursing care.

    Lisa also earned her Juris Doctor degree from Texas Wesleyan School of Law, in 2007, after earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Texas at Arlington in 1992.

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Lin Morrisett, JD

Of Counsel Attorney with Harris Cook, LLP

Attorney and Counselor at Law

    Lin Morrisett, JD, has worked with Sanders Law Group, PLLC, as an Of Counsel Litigator since 2017.

    Lin graduated from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 1994, and from 2002 to 2017, served as an Associate Judge in Tarrant County Probate Court #2.

    Lin Morrisett, JD, continues to serve as Of Counsel Litigator for Sanders Law Group, PLLC, through Harris Cook, LLP.

Sanders Law Group, PLLC, in association with Harris Cook, LLP, and other Solo Practice Attorneys, provides the following Legal Representation:

  • Elder Law
  • Guardianship Law
  • Probate Law
  • Medical Law
  • Personal Injury Law

  • Medicaid and VA Law
  • Family Law
  • Business Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Civil Litigation

  • To consult with an attorney, please contact us for scheduling.

    Please note: Hiring an attorney through Sanders Law Group, PLLC, does NOT establish a physician-client relationship with Dr. Mark Sanders, DO.

    Mobile Legal Clinic


        Sanders Law Group, PLLC, is dedicated to ensuring our elderly, disabled, or homebound Clients remain independent in managing all of their personal and financial affairs. SLG offers unique supports and services to assist our elderly Clients and their families in maintaining their independence and prevent guardianships. The Mobile Legal Clinic brings attorneys and other professionals into the homes of our elder law Clients to address care needs through geriatric care management and special needs consulting, personal business management assistance to handle financial and personal affairs, and other legal needs of the elderly, disabled, or homebound Client.

        For over a quarter of a century, Lisa Ash, as a Registered Nurse, has catered to the nursing needs of the elderly or homebound Client. Dr. Mark Sanders, DO, as a board certified geriatrician, has dedicated his medical career to geriatrics, hospice, and his house-call practice. This collective medical and nursing experience uniquely prepares the attorneys of Sanders Law Group to also meet the comprehensive legal needs of the elderly, disabled, or homebound Client. SLG extends our in-depth knowledge of the needs of our elderly Clients to the practice of Law.

        The Mobile Legal Clinic helps to provide routine cost effective services to help our Clients acheive the goal of independence. SLG also offers significant discounts for Mobile Legal Clinic services where more than one client can be served on the same day, and at the same home or facility, including independent living, assited living or nursing homes.

    For Mobile Legal Clinic Services, please contact us for scheduling.

    Support & Services


    Sanders Law Group, PLLC,with dedicated Partners and Of Counsel Attorneys, provides the following Support and Services as a lesser restrictive alternative to guardianships:

        SLG assists the elder law Client with Trusts, Wills, Medical Powers of Attorney, Statutory Durable Powers of Attorney, Directives to Physicians and Surrogates, HIPAA Releases, Declarations of Guardian, Ladybird and other Deeds, as well as other estate planning documents.

        The spouse of an estate planning client can have their documents created for half price.
        Life Care Planning (LCP) is a holistic approach to Elder and Disability care planning for Clients and their families. Life Care Planning includes estate and disability planning documents, RN Case Management/Care Planning Services, and Medical/Nursing Care Advocacy throughout the healthcare continuum. It also includes applications for Medicaid, Veteran’s and other governmental benefits as needed to provide payment for Client’s long term care assistance needs.

        The spouse of a Life Care Planning Client may be added for half price.
        Partners of SLG are dually licensed medical and legal providers. Dr. Mark Sanders, DO, is a board certified geriatrician, and Lisa Ash, RN, has served as a geriatric nurse for 28 years. Mark and Lisa's combined experience can assist the elder Client in interpretting complex medical jargon, assisting with accessing healthcare resources, and advocating for our Clients throughout the healthcare continuum.
        SLG is dedicated to assisting our elderly or disabled Client in remaining independent for as long as possible. SLG provides cost effective personal business management to assist our Clients in managing their monthly financial obligations, such as paying bills and handling other personal financial matters. SLG's professionals can assist persons with disabilities in making phone calls, reading mail, and other personal transactions.

        SLG, through the Mobile Legal Clinic, will come to the home of our Client to assist them with their routine affairs. This allows our Clients to remain independent, and helps to prevent them from becoming a burden on the ones they love.

        SLG Mobile Legal Clinic offers discounted rates where more than one client can be served in any one location or facility, such as an independent living, assisted living, or nursing home facility.
        SLG Attorneys can serve as a private professional guardian, statutory durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, trustee, or other professional fiduciary roles.

        All legal documents appointing SLG Attorneys as a Private Fiduciary must be created by independent legal counsel, excluding guardianships, which is created by the court.
        SLG's unique ability to cater to the needs of the elderly also encompasses computer systems instruction, and assisted device usage with today's technology. Cellphone, Tablet, PC and Mac support is available, if needed. Considering the constantly changing nature of today's technology, as well as the increased demand for all things internet, we will continue to ensure that our elder law clients are able to successfully navigate and use their devices seamlessly.

        Technical and Computer Systems Instruction and Coaching provided by SLG, are by all intentions and purposes considered third party services, and are not a direct replacement for warrantied services, or managed services. Please speak with the technical representative to see how these services may best accomidate your needs.
        SLG provides Mobile Notary Services to assist the elderly or disabled Client with all personal business management needs and the execution of legal documents.

    Please note, these lesser restrictive alternatives to guardianship do not include any representation related to guardianships, probate, courtroom litigation, and/or other contested matters. Services provided through Sanders Law Group, PLLC, does not create the physician-patient relationship, nor does SLG provided direct nursing care.

    For more information, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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    If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with our professionals, please contact us at:

    Office: (817) 887-9965

    Or send us an email for further inquiries.

    If you would like to reach us by mail, our mailing address is:

    Sanders Law Group, PLLC
    6245 Rufe Snow Drive #280/327
    Fort Worth, TX 76148

    Please note: Hiring an attorney through Sanders Law Group, PLLC, does NOT establish a physician-client relationship with Dr. Mark Sanders, DO.

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    Need Our Estate Planning Questionnaire?

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